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Modern and Contemporary Collection

Sari Silk - Bubles - Grey/Grey

Splash of colors - Silk and wool

Highly stylized forms, modern takes on scale, and unusual  color choices that transform fauna into fine art.


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Modern and Contemporary Collection

This collection spotlights comtemporary patterns, hand-knotted with a luxurious combination of the finest wool and silk for a vibrant and sophisticated series of abstract designs

Art is not just for the walls

for the right room

adapted from Living Magazine, The Woodlands Edition, February 2015


         The right rug can turn an otherwise ordinary room into an inviting place to kick back and relax after a long day of work or play or a more formal environment to entertain guests.  An area rug can play such an important role in pulling a room together that many decorators urge their clients to start with the rug and build the rest of the room around it.


         When choosing a rug, it is important to not only consider color, pattern, and texture, but also size.  Many people make the mistake of buying rugs that are too small, which visually “chop up” a room rather than seamlessly tying it together.


         For living rooms, be sure to measure your seating area before you shop.  Decide how you intend to orient your rug to the room.  Long, narrow rooms lend themselves well to rugs that run vertically through the intended space.  Wider rooms might require wider or horizontally-oriented rugs.  The website shows some great examples of how the size and orientation of rugs can change the appearance of a simple living room.


         It is also important to consider whether or not you wish for the legs of your furniture be placed on the rug.  Most designers recommend and “all-or-nothing” approach.  Either choose a rug large enough to accommodate all furniture legs or small enough to avoid them entirely.  If you choose a half-on/half-off approach, make certain that you are consistent with all furniture.  As a general rule, it’s best not to choose a rug smaller than 5’ x 8’ for a living area; an 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ is standard.


         In dining rooms, choose a rug that not only accomodates your table, but also fully pushed-out chairs.  The easiest way to calculate this is to add 24-30 inches to each side of the table when measuring for the the entirety of the space that the rug will occupy.  For example:

A table with 6 chairs typically requires an 8’ x 10’ rug
A table with 8 chairs typically requires a 9’ x 12’ rug
A table with 10 chairs typically requires a 10’ x 14’ rug


In bedrooms, it is best to leave 1-2 feet of bare floor between the rug and the wall.  For an area rug to look balanced under a bed, it should extend at least 18 inches beyond the side of the bed for a king- or queen-size; for a full- or twin-size bed, allow at least 12 inches.


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