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History of Handmade Rugs

Premium Handmade Oriental Rugs

At Woodlands Oriental Rug Gallery, you'll find a selection of premium hand-made rugs from around the world. We use a highly-discerning eye when selecting pieces to feature in our 10,000-square-foot gallery, so you can rest assured that you're receiving the finest rugs possible. For that reason, our rugs are excellent investments and are certain to enhance the appeal of your tastefully-appointed home.

What goes into crafting a Fine Oriental rug?

If you're going to purchase an Oriental rug, you want to make sure that you are getting an authentic product. Traditional Oriental rugs are hand-crafted in Asia and the Middle East. They are made out of high-quality materials and feature gorgeous, distinctive designs.

Area Rugs: Key Characteristics

Whether you're buying an area rug or an antique rug, there are a few things you should take into consideration. To be authentic, it must be a hand-knotted rug made of all-natural materials. The rug pile is woven to the foundation with a series of threaded knots. The finest antique rugs feature natural dyes - rather than synthetic ones - which mellow with age, creating unique characteristics throughout the rug. Woodlands Oriental Rug Gallery’s staff is more than happy to educate you in various areas of rug classifications. An antique rug is generally going to be more valuable than a newer one.

Classifications of Rugs

​The owners of Woodlands Oriental Rug Gallery have traveled to markets all over the world, creating long-lasting and valuable relationships with artisans who create these hand-knotted and exquisite rugs with all-natural materials; no two patterns are ever alike. 

  • Indian Rugs - Although every authentic Indian rug is different, they have several things in common. They are typically made out of 100% wool, 100% silk, or a combination of wool and silk. With whimsical designs and striking colors, a classic Indian rug is sure to create a stunning focal point in your home. These hand-knotted carpets offer superior durability and quality, and they are considered to be among the most technically accomplished fine rugs in the world.

  • Persian Rugs - These rugs have been crafted in areas of Iran for generations. Ancient and traditional rug patterns have been maintained with great integrity through their culture. Superior hand-dyed and hand-knotted materials are used in these rugs, creating unique variations like no other. Any selection is sure to be an elegant addition to your home.

  • Turkish Rugs – A Turkish rug is a true work of art. Double-knotted Oushaks are made of Angora wool and are washed, giving the colors a muted, soft look. The colors, symbols, and patterns that are featured on an authentic Turkish rug are woven right into the durable fabrics, which are excellent additions to any collection.

  • Caucasian Rugs – With their bold geometric patterns and bright, vibrant colors, the typical Caucasian rug is sure to catch your eye. These rugs originated in small regions of the Caucasus Mountains found throughout Russia. An authentic Caucasian rug is as durable as it is beautiful because it is made out of luxurious, high-quality wool.

  • Tapestries – We offer an extraordinary collection of authentic hand-made tapestries, carefully picked from weaving mills found in some of the most remote locations in the world. These gorgeous tapestries feature landscape images, nature, animals and motifs both historical and figurative and in a wide variety of sizes. Any of our exquisite tapestries are sure to make an excellent addition to your home.

A Worthwhile Investment

To get an area rug that is of the finest quality available, please visit Woodlands Oriental Rug Gallery. Browse our vast inventory of one-of-a-kind Oriental, Indian, Persian, Turkish and Caucasian rugs, along with antique rugs and tapestries, and bring this rich cultural history into your home to enjoy for many years to come!